International Exhibition

The curators take the main show as an objective sample of contemporary graphic design within which they will distinguish the recurring trends and different approaches to creative work. This is classified and organised into a clearly arranged exhibition compiled from collections of projects with different characteristics of the work, the nature of the client, medium, functional solutions or purely visual forms. The individual sub-sections will be comprehensibly commented upon and set into an overall contemporary or historical context.

Foto: KIVA


Alongside the three members from the OKOLO creative group, the selection committee, which will simultaneously act as the jury of the main international competition of the Brno Biennial 2018, will be made up of leading graphic designers and experts from around the world. An invitation to join the jury was accepted by the editor-in-chief of the Slanted magazine, Lars Harmsen, the art director of the Apartamento magazine, the graphic designer Omar Sosa, the graphic designer Jiří Karásek from the Marvil studio, Steven Watson and Pavla Pauknerová.

In selecting the jury members the curatorial team placed emphasis on the diversity of approaches to their work by the individual members and, most importantly, on their expertise and high standard of their opinion, both practical and theoretical. All of the prominent graphic designers that were addressed alternate between the commercial and the independent worlds of visual art, they work for respected clients, and are able to objectively appreciate quality across the different disciplines of graphic design. At the same time, their selection is in line with the overall concept of the Biennial and its accompanying exhibitions and is related to the world of product design and magazines. In the jury practicing designers rub shoulders with theorists and publishers. Their different positions and perspectives on graphic design should form a congruent and impartial whole.

Lars Harmsen, DE
Professor Lars Harmsen is art director and one of the partners in the Melville Brand Design studio in Munich, professor of design and typography at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences & Art and editor-in-chief of Slanted Publishers residing in Karlsruhe. He lives
in Munich. In 1996 he founded the Volcano-Type foundry which offers more than 200 different typefaces. In 2004 he started the Slanted web blog dedicated to typography and design, followed by Slanted magazine in 2005. Harmsen is the author and graphic designer
of a number of books on design, typography and photography, including Yearbook of Type I + II, Typodarium, Photodarium,
Pride & Glory and others. Recently he launched the Poster Rex series, a collective poster project with Marcus Lang and many other designers and artists from around the world.

Omar Sosa, SP, USA
Omar Sosa is an art director, graphic designer and publisher working in Barcelona and New York. In 2008 he started the Apartamento magazine together with Nacho Alegro and Marco Velardi. Two years later he received the prestigious Yellow Pencil Award
and Apartamento won the Best Entire Magazine title in 2010 from the D&AD association.
Omar Sosa worked as art director for a wide range of international clients, such as Flos, Louis Vuitton Group, Rizzoli International, Carolina Herrera NY, Haworth, Corriere Della Sera, Patricia Urquiola and Ricardo Bofill Architecture. His work encompasses design of books and magazines, creating brand identity, exhibition design and generating contacts between creative professionals.

Steven Watson, UK
Steven Watson is the founder and director of Stack, the service that delivers a different independent magazine every month to thousands of subscribers around the world. He launched the Stack Awards in 2015 as the world’s only annual awards programme for independent magazines, and has hosted magazine events across the UK, Europe and the USA, working with organisations including the Design Museum, the V&A and the Guardian. 

Jiří Karásek, CZ
A graduate from the Studio of Visual Communication under Rostislav Vaněk at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He has been working for several years in the renowned Marvil studio where he specialises in corporate design and creative guidance for brands such as Ton and Bomma. Jiří Karásek was also one of the creative minds behind the independent Komfort magazine.

Pavla Pauknerová, CZ
Pavla Pauknerová is a design theoretician and critic. She is currently teaching at the UMPRUM in Prague, she is lecturing on graphic design theory and experimental positions of contemporary design practice. Pavla has collaborated on several exhibitions and publications. In collaboration with graphic designer Richard Jaroš, she published 'Nejen kruhy - Vizuální přístupy v zobrazování dat a informací (Not Just Circles - Visual Approaches to Data and Information Visualization)'.

The team of curators from the creative group OKOLO (Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss and Adam Štěch) are also members of the jury. You can find more about them in the section Curators.

Participation Guidelines

The intention of the International exhibition of the 28th Brno Biennial 2018 is to present the most interesting works of contemporary graphic design created in 2015–2017. The event is open to every form of graphic design. The international competition selection board, consisting of designers and design theorists, will select works to be included in the competition, with regard to their quality, and compliance to the present guidelines and available exhibition space.

Only works designed between 1st January 2015 and 31 October 2017 are eligible.

Curators of the 28th Brno Biennial edition are Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss and Adam Štěch, members of the creative group OKOLO.

1. Exhibition categories

Projects/exhibits examples

  • Corporate identity (corporate visual style of events, institutions, cities, exhibitions, companies or sites and its applications: logotypes, graphic manuals, printed matter, websites, merchandise, and the like)
  • Book editions and exhibition catalogues
  • Magazines, newspapers and other periodicals
  • Posters
  • Type design (design of new typefaces and their applications)
  • Informational design (orientation and communication systems, space solution design)
  • Digital media (websites and applications, motion design and video, animations, etc.)
  • Packaging design (graphic design of product packings, digital and audiovisual media covers)

Illustrations which are not integral parts of a book or a magazine, e. g. loose prints and original illustrations, are not eligible.

Photo documentation in A1 or A2 formats should be sent for three-dimensional and experimental projects, in e.g. A4 format for trademarks and symbols.

Preference will be given to real projects and outputs, our prime concern are realizations in the field of graphic design.

2. Application form

The application form shall be filled in online between 1st September 2017 – 15 November 2017; it will be available at Mandatory constituents of the registration further include a written commentary in Czech or English, explaining the context of each work submitted (max. 500 characters including spaces), digital documentation and setting the project/exhibit in its respective exhibition category.

3. Deadline

The deadline for online registration including digital documentation of submitted works is November 15, 2017. This also applies to the delivery of exhibits by regular mail.

4. Participation fee

No participation fee is required for submitting works to the international competition.

5. Number of submissions

Each participant may make no more than three submissions. In the case of large projects (poster series, book editions, corporate identities with applications), the entire project, and NOT each individual piece, counts as a single entry. In case of limitations imposed by lack of space the organiser reserves the right to exhibit only a part of the project.

6. Submission delivery

Each exhibit should be provided with a signed identification label, pasted on the reverse of the exhibit, which is to be printed upon completion of the online registration. The exhibits must not include mounts or frames and should be free of customs or postal fees. Please do not state any insurance value on the packaging. The exhibits shall be sent by regular mail to the address below.

Mailing address

Brno Biennial
Moravská galerie v Brně / Moravian Gallery in Brno
Husova 18
CZ-662 26 Brno
Czech Republic

7. Returns

The submitted works will neither be returned nor insured. At the end of the exhibition, the exhibited work and other selected works will become part of the Graphic Design Collection of the Moravian Gallery. Each exhibiting artist will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the Biennial.

8. Exhibition promotion

By accepting the exhibits for the exhibition, the organiser is entitled to use free of charge any documentation submitted, or make photographic reproductions and/or video recordings of the submitted work in order to produce the catalogue, promote the exhibition, and for educational purposes. The organiser will publish a catalogue accompanying the exhibition, which each participant may book at a 50 % discount.

9. International Selection Board of the international competition

Lars Harmsen – Germany / Berlin
Jiří Karásek – Czech Republic / Prague
Omar Sosa – Spain / Barcelona, USA / New York
Steven Watson – United Kingdom / London
Pavla Pauknerová – Czech Republic / Prague
OKOLO Curators – Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss, Adam Štěch – Czech Republic / Prague

10. Contact information

Brno Biennial
Moravská galerie v Brně / Moravian Gallery in Brno
Husova 18
CZ-662 26 Brno,
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 532 169 160


The Moravian Gallery in Brno
The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic


Grand Prix of the 28th International Biennial of Graphic Design 2018 – An Award of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic
OK-RM: Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath / UK

The Award of the Mayor of the City of Brno for a graphic artist up to 35 years
Florian Lamm / DE

The Award of the Czech Centres for a young Czech graphic designer up to 30 years
Petra Dočekalová / CZ

The International Jury Award
Jakob Kirch, Markus Dreßen, Jan Wenzel, Katharina Köhler / DE

The Organisational Committee of the Brno Biennial present:
The Award of the Brno Biennial for a Contribution to Graphic Design
Jan Rajlich Sr. / CZ

The Visitors’ Award announced at the end of the Biennial based on a public vote
Erich Brechbühl / CH

Grand Prix of the 28th International Biennial of Graphic Design 2018 – An Award of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic

The Award of the Mayor of the City of Brno for a graphic artist up to 35 years

The Award of the Czech Centres for a young Czech graphic designer up to 30 years

 The International Jury Award

 The Visitors’ Award


Abecední seznam vybraných autorů

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